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[texts]Communitarianism - onderkoffer
Keywords: Communitarianism; agenda21; UN
[audio]Des Sust - David Rubio Reyna
Trabajo DS acerca Agenda 21
Keywords: Agenda 21; Desarrollo Sustentable
Downloads: 11
[audio]20140703 Just RIGHT 357 SPAMplan 2 Digital Canada 150 Agenda 21
Just Right #357 Robert Metz
Keywords: Agenda 21; Canada 150
Downloads: 1
[texts]Understanding Agenda 21 - onderkoffer
Understanding Agenda 21
Keywords: Understanding Agenda 21
Downloads: 8
[unknown]Usenet groups within cl.agenda21 from giganews.com
Usenet newsgroups within "cl.agenda21", contributed courtesy of giganews.com. These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: cl.agenda21.aktionen; cl.agenda21.materialien
Downloads: 71
[audio]Harry Link From Truthbroadcactnetork.com On Agenda 21 - Terry Wilson
Terry speaks with Harry Link from truthbroadcastnetwork.com about agenda 21.
Keywords: agenda 21; truth; harry link
Downloads: 57
[texts]Growing Smart AGENDA 21 Propaganda - onderkoffer
Growing Smart AGENDA 21 Propaganda
Keywords: Growing Smart; AGENDA 21; Propaganda
Downloads: 2
[audio]Rosa Koire On Agenda 21 and ICLEI - Terry Wilson
Terry Wilson speak Rosa Koire, author of Behind the Green Mask United Nations Agenda 21.
Keywords: agenda 21; iclei; canada; rosa koire; interview
Downloads: 242
[movies]Appunti per uno sviluppo sostenibile - visual communication project
APPUNTI PER UNO SVILUPPO SOSTENIBILE. Agenda 21 locale, 20 min, betacam, Italia 2004 (lingua: italiano) LâAgenda 21 Locale è uno strumento volontario che associazioni, gruppi organizzati e amministrazioni pubbliche possono decidere di adottare per progettare insieme il futuro del proprio territorio. La partecipazione è lo strumento chiave del processo di Agenda 21 Locale e il Forum ne è il cuore operativo...
Keywords: agenda 21; ambiente; bologna; visual communication project
Downloads: 78
[texts]UN Opening Statement On Agenda 21 Implementation - onderkoffer
UN Opening Statement on Agenda 21 Implementation
Keywords: UN Opening Statement; on Agenda 21; Implementation
Downloads: 4
[texts]Desenvolvimento Sustentavel - Maria Elisa Castellanos Solá
Material Educativo
Keywords: desenvolvimento sustentavel; agenda 21; Convencao Biodiversidade
Downloads: 125
[audio]NHP_Agenda21 - Jeff Chidester
Our interview with Rosa Koire Agenda 21--All the information you need to understand what is happening in your town, why it's happening, who is behind it, and what you can do to stop it. BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: U.N. Agenda 21 is 172 pages of truth. Part history, part current events, part hand-to-hand combat, and part blueprint for keeping your freedom, this is one book that you'll put to work immediately...
Keywords: Jeff Chidester Rosa Koire Agenda 21 NH Perspective
Downloads: 74
[texts]Towards A Sustainable America Advancing Prosperity AGENDA 21 Propaganda - onderkoffer
Towards a Sustainable America - Advancing Prosperity - AGENDA 21 Propaganda
Keywords: Towards a Sustainable America - Advancing Prosperity; AGENDA 21; Propaganda
Downloads: 2
[texts]Understanding UN Agenda 21 And Sustainable Development Freedom Advocates - onderkoffer
Understanding UN Agenda 21 And Sustainable Development Freedom Advocates
Keywords: Understanding; UN; Agenda 21; And; Sustainable Developmen; t Freedom Advocates
Downloads: 3
[texts]Overview Of The Partnership For Sustainable Communities AGENDA 21 Propaganda - onderkoffer
Overview of the Partnership for Sustainable Communities - AGENDA 21 Propaganda
Keywords: Overview; of the Partnership for Sustainable Communities -; AGENDA 21; Propaganda
Downloads: 1
[texts]Towards A Sustainable America Advancing Prosperity AGENDA 21 Propaganda - onderkoffer
Towards A Sustainable America Advancing Prosperity AGENDA 21 Propaganda
Keywords: Towards A Sustainable America. Advancing Prosperity .AGENDA 21. Propaganda
Downloads: 2
[texts]Advance Unedited Text The Implementation Track For Agenda 21 - onderkoffer
Advance Unedited Text The Implementation Track For Agenda 21
Keywords: Advance Unedited Text; The Implementation; Track For; Agenda 21
Downloads: 4
[texts]3d Backscatter XRay biometric scanning and databasing
A report by institute for homeland security solutions. Georgia Guidestones? Eugenics? National Digital Identification? Every human body is mathematically unique
Keywords: TSA body scanners; biometrics; Agenda 21; depopulation; big brother
Downloads: 75
[texts]Implementation Of The APA Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook AGENDA 21 Propaganda - onderkoffer
Implementation Of The APA Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook AGENDA 21 Propaganda
Keywords: Implementation; APA Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook; AGENDA 21; Propaganda
Downloads: 2
[texts]Introdução à Agenda 21 Local: um guia para eleitos e técnicos em perguntas e respostas -- Proposta de estrutura - José Manuel Silvestre
Possível estrutura de um guia em português sobre a implementação da Agenda 21 Local (particularmente no Alentejo litoral). O documento contém todos os títulos propostos hierarquizados, indexados e inter-referenciados, bem como uma breve descrição dos tópicos a incluir sob cada título.
Keywords: agenda 21 local; desenvolvimento sustentável; sustentabilidade; guia; autarquias; autarcas; implementação
Downloads: 221
[texts]Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook Model Statutes Agenda 21 Growingsmart Guide - onderkoffer
Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook Model Statutes Agenda 21 Growingsmart Guide
Keywords: Growing Smart; Legislative Guidebook; Model Statutes; Agenda 21; Growingsmart Guide
Downloads: 3
[audio]Episode 8 Broken man Radio - Johnny English
Johnny rants on Black Friday and how corporations are enslaving us. Chemtrails and how they and Monsanto are reducing the population with GMO foods.
Keywords: rant; black friday; thanksgiving; monsanto; chemtrails; agenda 21. birth rates
Downloads: 71
[audio]Alex Jones and Dr. Michael Coffman - Global Warming Fraud and Agenda 21 - Alex Jones
Alex Jones interviews Dr. Coffman and they discuss his new documentary film entitled 'Global Warming or Global Governance?' which exposes the fraud of 'man made' global warming and the truth about U.N. Agenda 21.
Keywords: Alex Jones; Michael Coffman; global warming; agenda 21; fraud
Downloads: 433
[unknown]substainabledevelopment.un.org 2012-11-24 panic download - UN
This a panic download of substainabledevelopment.un.org as of 2012-11-24. I download this cause its not in the wayback machine and Glenn Beck was talking about Agenda 21 being on the un.org. Substainable Development equals Agenda 21 according to Glenn Beck. What is funny is there are urls refering to Agenda 21 in url and even a pdf talking about. Anyways i grabbed this so it doesn't disappear. There are 2000+pdfs in these 7 warc.gz...
Keywords: UN; Agenda 21; substainabledevelopment.un.org; Substainable Development; Archiveteam
Downloads: 283
[movies]Agenda 21 Speech at the Mayodan Town Council meeting - Brian D. Hill
USWGO Founder and Head Reporter Brian D. Hill speaks at the Mayodan Town Council Meeting on March 12 2012 for the first time to speak on the dangers of Agenda 21 and how it affects America, the state of North Carolina, and even the small town of Mayodan. After the speech, Mr. Hill gave 7 copies of documentation on Agenda 21 to the town clerk (To keep on public record for the town), 5 town council members, and one for the town attorney Philip E...
Keywords: Agenda 21; United Nations; ICLEI; Local Governments; Mayodan; Town Council; meeting; public comment; speech
Downloads: 43
[texts]Growing Smart User Manual For The Growing Smart Legislative AGENDA 21 Propaganda - onderkoffer
Growing Smart User Manual For The Growing Smart Legislative AGENDA 21 Propaganda
Keywords: Growing Smart; User Manual; For The Growing; Smart Legislative; AGENDA 21; Propaganda
Downloads: 1
[movies]Marin Plan Bay Area April 29 Broadband - Jim Geraghty
A second chance to balance the discussion of local responsibility to create affordable housing and climate-friendly development patterns. Come speak up to end the drought of affordable housing helping remove the impediments to fair housing and ending historic segregation.Many Marin groups are encouraging comments that ask MTC and ABAG to include the best aspects of the Equity, Environment and Jobs alternative (Alternative 5) in the final Plan...
Keywords: marin; one bay area; mtc; abag; tea party; agenda 21; san rafael; jim geraghty
Downloads: 42
[texts]SharedMemoryCardBook-Obama-Bilderberg-2012 - The Creator in part
Please forward to at least 100 other people this incredibly interesting ebook archive.org download link. ___________________________________________ Dear victimized (by a deceptive and malicious system) people, America was at one time on top of the world, now it has fallen deep down the list in many ways. For example, it had the healthiest people in the world in the 40 and 50s, now it is ranked 47th in terms of the health of the population...
Keywords: Bilderberg; Virginia; 2012; Memory Card; ebook; shared; memory; card; obama prohecy; agenda 21
Downloads: 1,240
[movies]Michael Elam-Heightened Awareness of the Unknown Gods - Michael Elam
(Blue Harvest Records 2011) Video only project that focuses on the conspiracy of a New World Order and the impending 'Agenda 21', as well as the immaculatly calculated establishment of a human disconnect from its spiritual environment.
Keywords: conspiracy; Agenda 21; Black Lodge; Project Blue Book; Doppelganger; combat; yoga; meditation; Aquarius; celestial; isis
Downloads: 645
[audio]Michael Elam-Heightened Awareness of the Unknown Gods (Soundtrack) - Michael Elam
Soundtrack for 'Heightened Awareness of the Unknown Gods'. Originally released (Blue Harvest Records-October 2011) as a video only project. Video counterpart can be found here: http://www.archive.org/details/MichaelElam-heightenedAwarenessOfTheUnknownGods
Keywords: Zenith; agenda 21; celestial; isis; anonymous; Conspiracy; Zeitgeist; Aquarius; Doppelganger; Yoga; meditation; Black Lodge; Project Blue book; lunopolis
Downloads: 60
[audio]Agenda21FreedomSantaCruz - freedom advocates
The War On Reason Series
Keywords: logical positivism; auguste comte; erica carle; give us the young; agenda 21; alan watt; cutting through the matrix; sustainable development
Downloads: 1
[audio]Flipping The Pyramid Round Table - What is FTP & The 2012 Phenomenon - www.flippingthepyramid.co.uk
What is FTP and the 2012 phenomenon. ************************************************************************************ Web: http://www.flippingthepyramid.co.uk Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/flippingthepyramid Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/FlippingPyramid ********************************************************************************­***** Flipping The Pyramid is a group of individuals that have come together under a common cause, truth...
Keywords: flipping; pyramid; 2012; podcast; radio; discussion; news; current; affairs; suppressed; knowledge; 9/11; 7/7; agenda 21
Downloads: 23
[movies]AGENDA_21 - theshowpodcast.com
The United Nations Agenda 21 was signed by the United States in 1992 and 14 years later, people are still in the dark. If you were to ask at random the question, "Have you heard of Agenda 21?" the answer would be an over-whelming "No," although it is being implemented in every local community. Agenda 21 is a 40 chapter document listing goals to be achieved globally. It is the global plan to change the way we "live, eat, learn and communicate" because we must "save the earth." "Its regulation wou...
Keywords: agenda 21; 21; depopulation; nwo; order out of chaos; infowars; prothink; jew; christian; mossad; muslim; usa; war; evil; live
Downloads: 693
[audio]The Secret Teachings 6/18/13 - Tuesday Edition
On this edition of The Secret Teachings, DJ Orion, discussed the merging of the Human brain/mind with computers, Super-humans, Agenda 21, Edward Snowden's "real" Purpose, Solar Storms and Economic stability, Why it is important discus a "Conspiracy Theory", Wealthy Elitists, the movie Elysian, and What the global spy network means for you.http://thesecretteachings.info/Streaming weeklong on the Tune in App: WBTR
Keywords: nsa; edward snowden; agenda 21; elitists; conspiracy theory; superhumans; transhumanity; the secret teachings; wprk; rollins college; nick carioti
Downloads: 51
[audio]Are Vitamins Killing Us? - Josh @ Guerilla Radio
An audio response to TV3's documentary 'Are Vitamins Killing Us?', which was a severely one-sided propaganda piece designed to help push the agenda of regulating vitamins in the same way as prescription medicines. There is absolutely zero scientific evidence that vitamins and nutrients purchased from such places as the supermarket or health food stores, when taken in the correct doses, will ever cause you harm...
Keywords: are vitamins killing us tv3 inside new zealand nicola grace heeth freedom guerilla radio interview podcast codex alimentarius agenda 21 george bush america
Downloads: 50
[audio]WDFP Radio - Cowboy Logic Radio - March 11, 2014 - Topic: CPAC Update and Cap & Trade in West Virginia - Guests: Velvet Cowan / Shaun Adkins / Marty Gearheart - Stand Up America US
Cowboy Logic RadioUnfiltered...  Politically Incorrect...  Common Sense...Hosted by DONNA FIDUCIA and DON NEUENThis week's Guests:  Velvet Cowan, Shaun Adkins and Marty GearheartTopics:  First, Velvet Cowan provides us with her unique and entertaining, yet very accurate report from CPAC...Then, Shaun Adkins and Marty Gearheart have a very candid discussion about Cap & Trade and Agenda 21...  Unfiltered!  Politically Incorrect! DONNA FIDUCIA, former Fox News Channel Anchor and DON NEUEN, a ...
Keywords: cap & trade; epa; corruption; cpac; velvet cowan; shaun adkins; marty gearheart; west virginia; coal industry; economy; agenda 21; donna fiducia; don neuen; cowboy logic; radio; talk tadio; conservative
Downloads: 25
[audio]Tom Sipos Interviews Mitchell Langbert Re Agenda 21 - Mitchell Langbert
This interview of Mitchell Langbert appeared on Hudson Valley Focus hosted by Tom Sipos on August 20, 2011 between 7 and 9 AM, depending on the station. The interview concerns Agenda 21, the Town of Olive, and environmental extremism. It aired on nine Clear Channel Stations in the Hudson Valley, to include WRNQ 92.1, WBPM 92.9, WKIP 1450 AM, WGHQ 920 WPKF, 96.1 WRWD, WLEG 1370 AM, WBWZ 93.3. FM, and WRWC 99.3 FM.
Keywords: Mitchell Langbert; Tom Sipos; Agenda 21; Hudson Valley; Ulster County; Olive; NY; town of olive; iclei; bertrand de jouvenal; maurice hinchey
Downloads: 48
[audio]WDFP Radio - Cowboy Logic Radio - June 3, 2014 - Guest: Shaun Adkins - Stabd Up America US
Cowboy Logic RadioUnfiltered...  Politically Incorrect...  Common Sense...Hosted by DONNA FIDUCIA and DON NEUENThis week's Guest:  SHAUN ADKINS...DONNA FIDUCIA, former Fox News Channel Anchor and DON NEUEN, a politically incorrect Constitutional Conservative Cowboy team up to deliver news and politics in a manner the mainstream media simply will not.Cowboy Logic Radio is the official talk radio show of Stand Up America US, founded by Major General Paul E...
Keywords: shaun adkins; donna fiducia; don neuen; bowe bergdahl; taliban; obama; military; agenda 21; cap and trade; coal industry; politics; conservative; talk radio; radio; wdfp; cowboy logic radio
Downloads: 14
[audio]A Greenie New World Order: April 16, 2012, WideShut Webcast - Keelan Balderson - WideShut.co.uk - ResistRadio.com
http://wideshut.co.uk - On this week's show Keelan discusses how the UK Government will force you to fork out for green renovations to meet EU carbon cuts, how Australia is bowing to world Government thanks to the Green agenda, the Queen invites Bahrain's Al-Khalifa to her Diamond Jubilee, and the extradition of 7/7 linked intelligence informants. Sites: http://resistardio.com http://freedominformantnetwork.org http://flippingthepyramid.co.uk Source Links: Government to Force Eco-Friendly Renova...
Keywords: global warming; scam; climate change; green agenda; green; agenda 21; new world order; fascism; carbon tax; gillard; energy; wind; china; neodymium; fraud; climate gate; climategate; skeptics; deniers
Downloads: 504
[texts]Changing Images of Man - Dept of Education
Changing Images of Man is an unusual work, one that enthuses some, displeases others, and leaves few neutral. It was undertaken for a specific purpose: to chart, insofar as possible, what changes in the conceptual premises underlying Western society would lead to a desirable future. Obviously a research objective containing many value-laden assumptions! Thus it is perhaps not surprising that a number of questions about the background of this study have been asked by students in classes at the do...
Keywords: social; engineering; venus; project; SRI; Stanford; Huxley; NWO; audio; text; pdf; agenda 21; transhumanism; new age; light; 1984; brave; new; world; mp3
Downloads: 1,024
[audio]Twit Wit Radio February 23 2014
Host Berkeley Kid and the cast confront a penopticon, Domain Awareness Center, Homeland Security, centralized surveillance, the Oakland police, the mayor of Oakland, Agenda 21, globalization, strategic infrastructure zones, the Oakland Association of Lock Pickers, Scott Olsen, minimum wage, and Skyculture.comFeaturing Kenneth McGee, Carol Denney, Lorri Holt, James King, Kyle Choate, Berkeley Kid, Daniel Neeley, Kurt Reinhardt, David Winter-Geezer...
Keywords: penopticon; Domain Awareness Center; Homeland Security; centralized surveillance; Oakland police; mayor of Oakland; Agenda 21; globalization; strategic infrastructure zones; the Oakland Association of Lock Pickers; Scott Olsen; minimum wage; Skyculture.com
Downloads: 13 (1 review)
[audio]CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening: Throwback Thursday: Alan Watt Says Know What's Up, Get Answers, Figure Out How To Win, Relax - January 13, 2011
. January 13, 2011 CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening: Throwback Thursday: Alan Watt Says Know What's Up, Get Answers, Figure Out How To Win, Relax Interview MP3 Download Links: http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/program/48590 http://www.archive.org/details/Ckln88.1FmsRudeAwakeningThrowbackThursdayAlanWattSaysKnowWhats . Throwback Thursday: interviews with Alan Watt on just about everything, including the world, politics, religion, economics, health, wealth, relationships, music and the culture creat...
Keywords: toronto ontario canada media journalism interview politics religion history culture music sex money power health relationships men women children propaganda environment economics fashion gender police military future activism new world order un agenda 21
Downloads: 52
[movies]Alternative Universe Music Television: Funk The Fascism - B.A. Brooks
Alternative Universe MTV Video Premier Artist: New Republik Song: Funk The Fascism Director: B.A. Brooks All Rights Reserved (2010)
Keywords: Alternative Universe; New Republik; Police State; USA; United States; religion; freedom; preach; preacher; church; right; wrong; good; evil; 2010; CIA; DHS; FBI; NSA; TSA; SPLC; Codex Alimentarius; Agenda 21; MTV; Music Television; Music Video; rock; blues; jazz; funk
Downloads: 45
[audio]Radio Interview - Water monopolization, dead judges, NAWAPA - Kevin Kelso (Axiomatica.org)
John Frederick Carten from Water War Crimes was my guest for a bombshell of a show. Mr. Carten is the only lawyer in Canada who speaks honestly and openly about the judicial mafia, and the judicial, legal and political corruption that has become systemic in Canada'sgovernment structures. He is going after the criminal elements of Canada's government, which are selling our water out the back door to a giant secretive monopoly...
Keywords: kevin annett; coop radio; monday brown bagger; kevin kelso; john carten; water war crimes; dead judges; bc; canada; western canada water; nawapa; larouche; rocky mountain; divert; privatization; export; environmental; agenda 21; nationalization; revolution; axiomatica; radio; interview; radiomatica
Downloads: 190
[audio]CKLN Rude Awakening: National 9/11 Truth in '04 vs. Weed Know Better vs. Yes Your Sexxxcellency - March 30, 2010
. March 30, 2010 CKLN Rude Awakening hosted by Black Krishna National 9/11 Truth in '04 vs. Weed Know Better vs. Yes Your Sexxxcellency http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/program/41054 http://www.archive.org/details/CklnRudeAwakeningNational911TruthIn04Vs.WeedKnowBetterVs.Yes . This episode: what did Canadians suspect about the "official" story of 9/11 ('01!) in 2004? Why was the second international citizens inquiry held in Toronto, Canada that summer and written up in The Toronto Star? Why don...
Keywords: ckln radio media journalism education activism broadcast news philosophy 911 truth terror war peace toronto ontario canada weed marijuana law illegal police soldier military government budget sex baby food china world order chaos city agenda 21 un plan car
Downloads: 19
[audio]Interview w/ Jefferey Jaxen on 'Divergent' - Media Monarchy
Admittedly inspired by the Milgram Experiment, Veronica Roth's 'Divergent' is making easy money at the box office - but do the bad reviews show that youth are rejecting this latest batch of predictive programming? Writer/researcher Jefferey Jaxen joins us to talk about - not only this dauntless manipulation of media - but some of the ways we are winning and growing stronger. Download/Subscribe
Keywords: MediaMonarchy; agenda 21; alternative news; author; celebrity; elites; film; food world order; futurism; gmo; good news; health; interview; jefferey jaxen; media; media matriarchy; media monarchy; mp3; predictive programming
Downloads: 338
[movies]Common Purpose Agenda 21 Catch 22 Anthony J Hilder
Common Purpose Agenda 21 Catch 22 Anthony J Hilder Free World Film Works http://www.freeworldfilmworks.com/ Video out soon....âThe Property Piratesâ Common purpose and Agenda 21 are Catch 22. Common Purpose being a stealth training Organization for leading beyond ones authority in the Post Democratic Era...combined with Agenda 21 .... world control through false environmentalism .... leads to an unwinnable situation for the people of the world!! Beware Beware Beware!!! Know that this is a dead...
Keywords: anthony j hilder; Illuminati; video; england; common purpose; agenda 21; world control; illuminati george soros; maurice strong; santa cruz; confiscation; property; low income housing; julia middleton; sustainable development; wild
Downloads: 234 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]CKLN Rude Awakening: Happy Whose Earth (or Property?) Is It Anyway Day! - April 22, 2010
. April 22, 2010 CKLN Rude Awakening hosted by Black Krishna Happy Whose Earth (or Property?) Is It Anyway Day! http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/program/42111 http://blackkrishna.podomatic.com/entry/2010-04-22T07_23_40-07_00 http://www.archive.org/details/CklnRudeAwakeningHappyWhoseEarthorPropertyIsItAnywayDay-April . This episode: on a chilly 40th anniversary of "Earth Day" in Toronto, how many of us know of PetitionProject.org and the UK Telegraph story on 31,000 scientists debunking "man-ma...
Keywords: radio media journalism earth day environment green celebration people youth children kids toronto ontario canada eugenics conspiracy bank money tax government climate change global warming environment clean air water energy efficient sustainable un agenda 21 property rights
Downloads: 32
[audio]CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening: FordWatch, Farm Manimals, Flexisexuals, Sky-Fi Flicks, Sports Frans, Players Brawl - December 2, 2010
. December 2, 2010 CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening FordWatch, Farm Manimals, Flexisexuals, Sky-Fi Flicks, Sports Frans, Players Brawl Featuring: Alex Jones, Alan Watt, John F. Kennedy, Sylvan Molyneux, David Icke, Tupac Shakur Show MP3 Download Links: http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/program/47591 http://www.archive.org/details/Ckln88.1FmsRudeAwakeningFordwatchFarmManimalsFlexisexualsSky-fi . This episode: how does Toronto Mayor Rob Ford saying "The war on the car is over!" and shutting down Tra...
Keywords: toronto ontario canada men women relationships sex advertising power money rob ford mayor politics media weather chemtrail video media activism globalization culture music style fashion un agenda 21 environment climate change internet censorship g20 cops
Downloads: 65
[movies]The 2014 BLM Nevada Range War Archive
In April 2014 the Federal Bureau of Land Management invaded the Bundy grazing ranges of Nevada, stole the cattle thereof, and attempted to seize the lands which the Bundy ranch had established a homestead claim to for over 140 years.  The reason for this, it was later disclosed, was not to "save the desert tortoise", as initially claimed, but rather to exploit the area for a massive solar project to benefit energy corporations.  The habitat of the desert tortoise, ironically, would thus be ess...
Keywords: Bundy; range war; BLM; bureau of land management; solar project; bunker Nevada; Harry Ried; cattle; stand off; water; agenda 21; land use; rights; constitution; corporate; fascism; USA; fascist; corporate fascism; barack obama
Downloads: 31
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